Las Vegas Video Post Production

Jack Vosburgh, owner of JCS Video Productions, gets interviewed about the ITVA-MCA membership. Mr. Vosburgh recalls getting invitations years ago to join the ITVA. "At first, I really did not think much about it. I had joined the Better Business Bureau and the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, but at the time, didn't know about the benefits of an ITVA-MCA membership."

A few years later, Mr. Vosburgh was approached by a business acquaintance, who was not only an active member, but would soon be elected Chapter President. Vosburgh says, "She stressed that it would be a great place to meet other high-end production people, and that they could share a lot of good production tricks with me. Wow! Was she ever right!"

Soon afterward, Mr. Vosburgh became an official member of the ITVA where he met John Scott, owner of Image-Nation. They soon began working together on several productions. "John handles most of the interactive multimedia, and I handle the video. It's a great business relationship. John and I, as well as most of the ITVA members, share the same business values."

In 1999, Mr. Vosburgh was elected Vice President of the ITVA's Las Vegas Chapter and in June 2000, he was elected President. He has subsequently been re-elected President twice, in 2001 and 2003. Mr. Vosburgh feels it has been well worth the investment. "It has paid off in the long run. The people you meet really help you advance technically in the industry." A little over one year ago the ITVA was renamed MCA-I (Media Communications Association International). The name change was made to reflect the more diverse people involved in the Television trade industry. "They really increased the benefits they offer their members. I would highly recommend joining to anyone in the field. It certainly has made a difference in my life."