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Posted on September 28, 2014 at 9:00 AM by Bob Clark

The Lost Generation Video link

Understand the Voices of the Generation in Southern Nevada.The Lost Generation, Voices of High School Dropouts

BC Production prodices a video for Clark County School District on the drop-out rate in Las Vegas, NV. Capturing the interviews of drop-outs and their dilemnas of high school pressures, we get a glimpse of how thi generates view the world we live in. This video captures how the generation feels lost, cost of higher education and loss of jobs in the community.

BC Productions can edit utilizing a higher end source tape such as Digtial Betacam source deck and transfer the video and audio to our DVD workstation via the SDI uncompressed inputs and outputs. Editing special effects and adding animation is accomplished using Discreet Smoke or Digital Fusion.

Editing video for DVD is different than for tape due to compression issues with the format. We have trained professionals who know how to shoot and edit in order to maximize your DVDs quality.

Once the editing process is complete, authoring DVD-R disks may be written for test purposes prior to the production of a final master. A DVD-R is your best choice if you need to produce short run's of DVD-5's. A DLT (Digital Linear Tape) master will be required if you intend to produce larger runs of DVDs or DVD's in formats other than DVD-5. For most clients this would mean DVD-9. As a rough rule of thumb a DVD-5 will hold around 2 hours of video or 4.7Gb of data . If your program length is longer then you probably need DVD-9.

BC Productions offers both format options. Call for a FREE estimate for your next DVD project.


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Be Creative 10:41 PM on September 6, 2014

This is fairly vaugue. Should discuss the actual moment not so much on the science of the shot.

Start Shooting 10:47 PM on September 6, 2014

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