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Last Christmas we were approached by AE Digital TV to produce a special Christmas wedding video. We were honored but not surprised that they had chosen us since we were, and still are, the only Production Company in Las Vegas that shoots wedding videos with actual TV cameras. We also realized that this client would have much higher standards and expectations than the usual bride and groom; they were in the broadcast business themselves.

They booked a high-end package with all the bells and whistles. Utilizing broadcast Betacam SP cameras; jib shots panned off the disco mirror globe to the bride and groom. Track shots followed the wedding party's grand entrance. Field monitors were used to get picture perfect shots. Editing was done on the Media100iXr, with broadcast lower thirds and graphics added in post. Custom animations were created to specification. Calling on his own video experience, the client even made suggestions that proved informative as well as helpful.

The bride and groom were very pleased, with the groom stating that his company could not have done a better job. AE Digital TV also realized the value we offered since our wedding video rates are priced much lower than our corporate rates. They said, "Many brides just do not fully realize the value of the packages you offer. They compare package prices from one company to another, thinking they are all the same. But with the equipment JCS Broadcast Video uses, their professional experience and demeanor, and their very competitive prices, we were sold the day we first talked."
AE Digital TV Christmas Wedding Video is a great example of the type of Video you will find in our
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