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Choose from 6 completely different packages or tell us your needs, and we will make a custom package just for you.

Traditional Package - 495.00

We capture your wedding day from beginning to end using a very popular digital video camera. Nothing will be missed by our experienced videographers. Special effects will be added during the dancing and interviews for just the right touch. Includes one VHS Copy with a beautiful Deluxe Case.

Keepsake Package - 685.00

Includes all of the above, plus: adorable computer animations throughout the video and a photo montage of baby pictures set to music. If you like we will even create this early so it can be played at your reception an no extra charge!

Executive Package - 975.00

With this package you are treated to quality beyond compare... we use Beta-SP cameras to capture the entire event... the same type of camera used for television production! The package includes everything in the Keepsake except the animations. It also includes a Super VHS Master and Two Deluxe Copies.

Masterpiece Package - 1149.00

Take the Executive Package and add computer animations and titles. Pal and Secam versions are offered at the same price as NTSC so your friends and family overseas can see your wedding. It also includes a Master for you to keep on S-VHS and Three Deluxe Copies.

Royal Package - 1599.00

Be treated like royalty with this package. Everything in the Masterpiece Package, plus: custom titles and graphics... we can even put you name on the marquee of Caesar's Palace! Includes a S-VHS Master, Four Deluxe Cases or Four Customized Cases.

Broadcast Package - 2699.00

This package is a totally new package customized to sevice your every whim. Whatever you ask for we will try to fulfill. It includes footage of Las Vegas elegantly edited for broadcast. Two Camera coverage of the entire day and evening. One Master on Beta-SP or S-VHS and Eight Deluxe Cases or Customized Copies. This literally could be broadcast on television!

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